China Yiwu, the world's bonas "new silk tide" fashion conference
16 Jan

January 13, 2018, "Belt and Road, starting with the next step," Baona Si BONAS "New Slimism" fashion conference was successfully held in Beijing Exhibition Center. This conference, is a cross-border fashion journey, Po Nasi & Lycra Fiber & Paris ISAL Center design institutes, jointly announced the 2018 personal clothing trends.China Yiwu, the world's bonas - bonas "new silk tide" fashion conferencePo Nasi predecessor is a traditional production-oriented enterprises, after nearly 30 years of development, has become a brand, production, sales, trade, investment in one of the modern group of companies. After the conference bonas President Hong Lili, Po Nasi, general...

Is your socks fashionable enough?
16 Jan

On January 13, 2018, Baosteel, the "first in the fashion industry" in the socks industry, together with ISAL & Lycra, held a special press conference at the Beijing Exhibition Center.  This conference attracted wide attention from the industry, fashion industry and business community. Hong Lili, founder of Po Nassi, said that on the basis of the original Chinese enterprises' desire to go global and the current "One Belt and One Road" strategy of the country, Po Nasi constantly developed more new products through cross-border and cross-border cooperation. As the first woman entrepreneur to embark on the international red carpet, Hong Lili...

win a cultural and shopping weekend
22 Dec

it snows and cold, look forward to the spring. at the beginning of spring will be a weekend in munich for two people in a 5 star luxury hotel „bayerischer courtyard ".reason is the major gabriele münter exhibition in the urban gallery in lenbachhaus. it is a highlight for all photography and art lovers because they are exclusive works of experimental artist shows. a large part of the exhibition was never presented to the public.experience with your company two wonderful days (24. up to 25. march) in the southern german city. after your arrival, you start with a comprehensive shopping...

what your lines on your character.
25 Oct

in principle, a distinction is made between the life, heart and head. each of the three different references to the character. in addition, you should always read from the active hand. it is important in what also good light and an open hand, just read the handinien right.

hatch directly in: sock boots now come sock sneaker
19 Sep

granted, even if the hype around sockboots just is very high, they are not always the most convenient shoe variant for everyday life. fortunately, this sock - sneakers. so, the variant socks and sneakers. sock - sneakers: the trendthink of the typical sock sneaker is a model in the street style scene, especially fashion: the speed runner "by balenciaga. he is like his trend colleagues from light materials. the surface of the shoe looks like woven or knit, like a sock. sock - sneakers are flexible and convenient. you are at the foot and the ankle are closely linked to...


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