China Yiwu, the world's bonas "new silk tide" fashion conference
16 Jan
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January 13, 2018, "Belt and Road, starting with the next step," Baona Si BONAS "New Slimism" fashion conference was successfully held in Beijing Exhibition Center. This conference, is a cross-border fashion journey, Po Nasi & Lycra Fiber & Paris ISAL Center design institutes, jointly announced the 2018 personal clothing trends.

China Yiwu, the world's bonas - bonas "new silk tide" fashion conference

Po Nasi predecessor is a traditional production-oriented enterprises, after nearly 30 years of development, has become a brand, production, sales, trade, investment in one of the modern group of companies. After the conference bonas President Hong Lili, Po Nasi, general manager Hong Tingjie, Paris ISAL center design institute designers to accept the media interview.

China Yiwu, the world's bonas - bonas "new silk tide" fashion conference

Belt and Road, the road at the foot

When a person is wearing a pair of comfortable socks, get a satisfaction, when wearing a home service can get lover's approval gaze, or even give children a very peaceful feeling, is not a small life Fortunately Through a pair of socks, a home apparel to easily understand the people and the environment around, and even in the afternoon while drinking coffee while reading books, magazines, feel the life has brought us the comfort and comfort, is not a little hypocritical fuss? Let's get closer to Ms. Hung Lily, the founder of the first woman in the world who is a traditional entrepreneur on the international red carpet, and to hear her new understanding of fashion and comfort.

In fact, as the standard of living becomes higher and higher, there is an increasing demand for comfortable intimate apparel that brings beauty. In the eyes of Hong Lili socks is a very magical thing, it is both our daily needs, but also our fashion eye-catching. Each woman has a persistent spirit of pursuing a good experience with stockings. The next 2018 there will be a debut explosion debut, NICE socks is epoch-making a product, first of all from the basic needs of women to meet, put on can have a very slender and tightening feeling, at the same time Very strong and durable, bid farewell to stockings one-off era.

China Yiwu, the world's bonas - bonas "new silk tide" fashion conference

Hong Li Li mentioned that no matter in the home furnishing fashion last year's retro style or the current lady style, there should be some changes, and we are more to create more selectivity. Like Pauline's brand, many people have asked me what is the meaning of Poinas, Poinas is the English transliteration, is the meaning of rewards, we hope for every beauty of women to provide their own reward, this reward In fact, more from the appreciation of their own appreciation. This is the first step toward Poinas cooperation with designers in Paris, France. In the future, it will bring more new experiences to consumers with more international brands and more cross-border cooperation. (Hong Nong Li, founder of bonas, the first traditional female entrepreneur to embark on an international red carpet)

China Yiwu, the world's bonas - bonas "new silk tide" fashion conference

Small product big brand

Po Nasi is known to all is that socks have been 30 years of history, in these 30 years, the company focused on the production of personal clothing R & D, led the history of China stockings 4 technological innovations, but also walk in the forefront of the Internet Innovative enterprises. At the same time hand in hand with goddess Lin Chi-ling will be loyal to the brand self-confidence and faith better convey to consumers. Hong Tingjie pointed out that there are three distinct characteristics of small products, high frequency of use, high consumption, high recovery rate, in such circumstances Po Nassi continued innovation of the product, improve the category, market segments, and gradually widening and Industry competitors, expand market share, enhance brand awareness, formed a pattern of small products, big brands.

Each brand is very valued channel, so often see each brand promotion battle, it can be said that the channel has the world, Po Nasi has been adhering to the consumer where, our sales channels are where. From 2017 onwards, the Company put forward the concept of "new retail" in the original three-dimensional channel layout and set up an intelligent ecological chain on the platform. Through the application of the "new retail" mode, Agents have better service, and gradually expand new market areas, the e-commerce channels also introduced the physical shopping experience, the two complement each other to provide consumers with a more pleasant shopping experience.

The company will utilize the status of the leading brand in Po Nassi industry and introduce more cutting-edge concepts and internationalized products in combination with more cutting-edge concepts from abroad. In the future, more consideration will be given to international standards. (Po Nasi, general manager Hong Tingjie)

China Yiwu, the world's bonas - bonas "new silk tide" fashion conference

China "quality" made, international quality

ISAL Paris Institute of Advanced Arts and Luxury Culture is a private higher international fashion education institution with a Sino-French cultural background.

ISAL Center brand designers believe that Po Nasi not only has a complete production system and a large customer base, also has a strong research and development capabilities, Po Nassi this conference to China's internationalization of personal clothing has set a good benchmark Image, through the integration of resources with foreign design brands will be better to promote China's domestic brands to go out, but also let foreign ideas come in. Learn from each other, learn from each other.

ISAL designers hope that during the March-April 2018 Paris Fashion Week, Po Nassi will be able to enter French stores and complete their first series debut on the October Fashion Week.

bonas's conference, can be described as carrying a lot of fashionista, news media attention. The combination of technological breakthroughs and light and shadow may prove that the Belt and Road brings more rewards to Chinese enterprises. (ISAL designer)

China Yiwu, the world's bonas - bonas "new silk tide" fashion conference

Write in the end

Made in China, to the "quality" made in China, more and more traditional industries are faced with the problems of transformation and upgrading. They have relied on their 30 years of accumulated experience and the large customer base of bonas, and made tremendous efforts to advance. This conference, is an opportunity, but also a beginning, Po Naini how to new opportunities and challenges, still maintain the status of overlord, let us wait and see!

People files

Hong Lili, bonas founder, president, the first to embark on the international red carpet of the traditional women's enterprises.

Hong Tingjie, Po Nasi, general manager.

Po Nasi, formerly known as a traditional production-oriented enterprises, after nearly three decades of development, has become a brand, production, sales, trade, investment as one of the modern group of companies. The company owns: BONAS, 1985, BONAS LIFE three major brands; main business focused on personal clothing categories, including: socks, underwear, underwear, home wear, bras, gloves, hats, scarves and other personal clothing; channels throughout: Distribution, supermarkets, chain, needle cotton, cosmetic and other offline channels nearly 10,000 sales outlets, and more than 200 brand chain stores; online sales platform (Lynx, Taobao, Jingdong, the only product will be ), As well as a new social e-commerce platform (fight a lot, gathered, etc.); market share and sales occupy the top three positions in the industry; products exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Russia, Italy and other countries, and set up branch offices in the United States; Brand Operations Center, Hangzhou Electric Business Center, Yiwu bonas marketing headquarters, Zhejiang bonas production R & D center, Jiangsu bonas production center.

Lycra, as a technology brand, innovation is at the core of the LYCRA brand. The LYCRA brand team continually strives to innovate and develop products that deliver exceptional resilience and resilience from a consumer's perspective. That's why you can see that LYCRA fibers are used in a wide variety of apparel applications to make apparel more relaxed and comfortable, freedom of movement, and at the same time improve fit and shape retention, from lingerie, swimwear, jeans to knitwear Products, or high fashion to socks and so on. After LYCRA fiber was invented 60 years ago, it sets the standard of the world's best-known brand of elastic fibers. LYCRA fibers, light and barely visible to the naked eye, became the most active element in our costumes and changed the way we wear garments. BONAS Po Nasi and Lycra ️ brand as a strategic partner, cooperation from product innovation to brand marketing. BONAS star products Spider stockings as a revolutionary stockings products industry, the use of Lycra fibrillation anti-dispersion technology for women to wear comfortable fit at the same time, the stock does not de-silk, so that women are more confident charm of blooming legs.

ISAL Paris Institute of Advanced Arts and Luxury Culture is a private higher international fashion education institution with a Sino-French cultural background. The college has nearly 15 years of professional teaching experience, the teacher team by the French fashion industry in all areas of elite composition, with keen fashion vision and experienced fashion brand management, operations, investment experience and top design resources. ISAL emphasizes entrepreneurship and innovation, with a focus on art, design, creativity, film, new media, fashion management and training designed to provide a full range of tailor-made services to industry players, organizations, groups and individuals who are interested in developing an international perspective.

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