Cool story, cool outfits: How the Netflix series "Gypsy" inspired us fashionably
19 Sep
  • Posted by BONAS Fashion

rade are all talking about this series: Gypsy. The original Netflix series is not only super exciting, but also provides the best fashion inspiration in terms of business outfits. Perfectly the series is with Naomi Watts as the main actress.
That's what Gypsy is all about:
Jean Holloway (Naomi Watts) obviously leads the perfect life. A happy marriage, a great daughter and a great job as a psychotherapist. However, she gradually crushes this life, which is why she decides to accept a different identity at times and thus interfere in the lives of her patients.

But Gypsy does not only inspire us because of the original story or Naomi Watts overwhelming acting but also because of the cool looks in which Jean runs through New York.

This woman is behind the looks
Responsible for the stunning outfits is Catherine Marie Thomas, who has already worked at "Kill Bill", "Self is the Bride" and many other productions as a costume designer. She is, for example, responsible for the yellow combat suit of Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill". It is clear that she has already received several awards for her work.
Jean Holloway's alias Naomi Watts's look is characterized by casual pants, straight-cut skirts in mid-length and boots with a loose shaft. We love the look especially because it looks very adult but not outspoken. The perfect inspiration for our office outfit.

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