Is your socks fashionable enough?
16 Jan
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On January 13, 2018, Baosteel, the "first in the fashion industry" in the socks industry, together with ISAL & Lycra, held a special press conference at the Beijing Exhibition Center.

This conference attracted wide attention from the industry, fashion industry and business community. Hong Lili, founder of Po Nassi, said that on the basis of the original Chinese enterprises' desire to go global and the current "One Belt and One Road" strategy of the country, Po Nasi constantly developed more new products through cross-border and cross-border cooperation. As the first woman entrepreneur to embark on the international red carpet, Hong Lili said that apart from being an entrepreneur and a mother, she is also a beautiful woman in her life. Therefore, a small single product is better for the United States More meaning. Socks to play the role of the finishing touch, need more thought, and to meet more women, this little thought for her is very fantastic sense of the challenge. This selection of Lycra brand co-release, but also fancy Lycra brand respected innovative ideas, which coincides with the fashion bouquets of Baosi coincide, the two brands are to provide consumers with a more stylish, more comfortable and more personalized experience Advocate. Po Nasi brand choice and cutting-edge fashion design cooperation, to create a new brand concept, from the consumer point of view, the introduction of NICE single product, which is through more than 10 years of hard work, through raw materials, functionality, weaving process has epoch-making significance Of a single product, its durability and comfort, so that consumers leave stockings one-time era.

Hong Lili that 2018 is the year to highlight the individual, everyone can become their own spokesman, consumers pay more attention to their own personality expression, combined with popular culture. This has higher requirements for big brands. From the fashion point of view, Po Nasi has been at the forefront of the industry. Now the viken plan brand, which is working with independent designers in Beijing, is very popular in the fashion circle and the entertainment circle.
A traditional socks production as the main product of the traditional production-oriented enterprises how to go to the world? Po Nasi, general manager of Hong Tingjie told us Po Nassi owns: BONAS, 1985, BONAS LIFE three major brands: the main business focused on the categories of personal clothing, including socks, underwear, underwear, home clothes, bras, gloves, hats scarves and many more. Can be said that the whole category. These three decades, the company has quietly engaged in research and development, expanding sales channels, the market and sales share now occupy the top three positions in the industry, the products exported to Europe and America, Japan, Russia, Italy and other countries, and set up branch offices in the United States. In addition to the company's own incubation of the brand, but also with the international design team, to create an international brand.

ISAL Paris Institute of Advanced Arts and Luxury Culture is a private higher international fashion education institution with a Chinese-French cultural background. The designers of ISAL are actively cooperating with Po Nass. The theme of this show is light and shade. Designers pointed out that as a source of all things, light is an intuitive body for people to know the world and feel things. It is also a link between people and space, entity and nature. The focus on the functionality of the show at the same time, the combination of light and shadow, combining the aesthetic effects of the East and West, for everyone to come a worthy visual feast.

ISAL designers hope to enter French stores during the March-April 2018 March Paris Fashion Week and complete their first series debut on the October Fashion Week. Look forward to with Bao Na Si have more and better cooperation.
Brand file:
Po Nasi, formerly known as a traditional production-oriented enterprises, after nearly three decades of development, has become a brand, production, sales, trade, investment as one of the modern group of companies. The company owns: BONAS, 1985, BONAS LIFE three major brands; main business focused on personal clothing categories, including: socks, underwear, underwear, home wear, bras, gloves, hats, scarves and other personal clothing; channels throughout: Distribution, supermarkets, chain, needle cotton, cosmetic and other offline channels nearly 10,000 sales outlets, and more than 200 brand chain stores; online sales platform (Lynx, Taobao, Jingdong, the only product will be ), As well as a new social e-commerce platform (fight a lot, gathered, etc.); market share and sales occupy the top three positions in the industry; products exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Russia, Italy and other countries, and set up branch offices in the United States; Brand Operations Center, Hangzhou Electric Business Center, Yiwu Bao Nasi marketing headquarters, Zhejiang Bao Nasi production R & D center, Jiangsu Bao Nasi production center.
Lycra, as a technology brand, innovation is at the core of the LYCRA brand. The LYCRA brand team continually strives to innovate and develop products that deliver exceptional resilience and resilience from a consumer's perspective. That's why you can see that LYCRA fibers are used in a wide variety of apparel applications to make apparel more relaxed and comfortable, freedom of movement, and at the same time improve fit and shape retention, from lingerie, swimwear, jeans to knitwear Products, or high fashion to socks and so on. After LYCRA fiber was invented 60 years ago, it sets the standard of the world's best-known brand of elastic fibers. LYCRA fibers, light and barely visible to the naked eye, became the most active element in our costumes and changed the way we wear garments. BONAS Po Nasi and Lycra ️ brand as a strategic partner, cooperation from product innovation to brand marketing. BONAS star products Spider stockings as a revolutionary stockings products industry, the use of Lycra ️ fuse Ë fiber anti-dispersion technology, so that women wearing comfortable fit at the same time, the stock does not de-silk, so that women are more confident blooming legs charm.

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